Hormone Cocktail

Planning to have a cocktail during your labor? Here is a very popular cocktail that time and time again has proven to relax mommas and ease baby into the world.

Hormone Cocktail:

1 Part Oxytocin

1 Part Beta-Endorphin

2 Parts Catecholamines

Mix with I bag of waters and shake until baby drops.


1 Part Oxytocin

Oxytocin, also known as the hormone of love, is one of many naturally produced hormones which flood a laboring momma’s body. Author of Birthing from Within, Pam England says, “the same movements that get the baby in, get the baby out.” As a primary hormone released during sexual pleasure, oxytocin confirms that statement. Introduced in orgasm, it facilitates little swimmers getting safely to shore and encourages waves in the uterus to welcome them; it is also released during labor and birth. Throughout labor, oxytocin pulses into the bloodsteam causing contractions and peaks at the moment of birth. Baby’s body also releases oxytocin and once born, momma and baby share one of the highest releases of oxyticin in human experience, falling deeply in love with one another at first glance. Spurred on by oxytocin, the cuddling, eye-gazing, snuggling and kissing begin at this point creating a lifelong mother-child bond. Oxytocin continues to show its face after labor to help momma’s uterus contract to original size and again each time momma brings baby to the breast. This keeps her relaxed and in love with baby.

1 Part Beta-Endorphin

The feel-good hormones are beta-endorphins and these hormones effect the brain the same way morphine and heroine do, what a cocktail! With this effect, a woman’s brain exchanges feelings of pain for feelings of pleasure and euphoria according to Sarah Buckley M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Beta-endorphon take momma’s labor to “the zone,” a state of airy consciousness where no one and nothing but momma and baby matters.

2 Parts Catecholamines

With Catecholamines you get a two-for-one concoction consisting of adrenaline and noradrenaline. These are the hormones which fuel a fight or flight response in mammals, including humans. Adrenaline works psychologically to protect momma and baby in times of stress or fear. Ever heard of the momma who is laboring ever so smoothly when a stranger walks into a room and all labor stops? This is the adrenaline telling momma to be cautious. Every good cocktail is best enjoyed in a pleasant environment, and a hormone cocktail is no different. Momma should be made to feel at ease with everything and everyone in the room to prevent her adrenaline from shooting up. Noadrenaline supports momma physically moments before baby is born. After hours or days of labor, this is the final moment, the moment we have all been waiting for and noadrenaline gives momma a surge of energy and combines with our friend oxytocin to create some final strong contractions to release baby into the atmosphere.

Regardless of your opinions on drinking during pregnancy and labor, mother nature has created a hormone cocktail for all laboring mothers and in most cases this is all momma needs to safely experience labor and birth a beautiful child.

As with all cocktails, the hormone cocktail is not recommended while driving.

To your health – cheers!


Odent, M. 2002. “Sexuality as a Theme.” Midwifery Today  62: 8-10.

Buckley, S. 2003. “Undisturbed Birth: Nature’s Blueprint for Ease and Ecstacy.” Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Healt, 17(4): 261-288

Photo by Karen O’D


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