About Me

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I believe women are strong. I believe that labor and birth are beautiful. I believe that a mother’s birth experience lays the foundation of motherhood. I believe that when a woman feels empowered and confident in her early and continued parenting, that her children will also grow into empowered and confident adults. I believe confident adults are more likely to be compassionate adults.

I fear many women don’t believe this to be true. I feel many medical providers don’t believe this to be true. I feel insurance companies don’t believe this to be true.

I provide holistic care to women because birth matters. Ina May Gaskin, known as the mother of modern midwifery explains, “The way that birth care is organized and carried out will have a powerful effect on any human society.”

I say, that women of every color, income bracket and background need to believe that they have the strength to labor, birth and parent with grace and beauty. They, and their bodies, need to be respected at every turn in the process.

Dr. Lauren Campbell of New York says, “Birth is the final frontier in women’s quest for freedom. A woman needs to be free to birth her babies as she chooses.”

I agree. And this, is my passion.


  • Woman, daughter, mother, sister, friend
  • Student Nurse-Midwife, Registered Nurse, Doula, Educator, Speaker, Writer
  • Dancing for Birth Instructor and Trainer, HypnoBirthing Practitioner