Dancing for Birth™

Fitness. Community. Education. Fun!

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PRENATAL: Learn the moves to use throughout pregnancy and in labor to help baby come out singing. Dancing for Birth™ combines the wisdom of traditional women’s dances from around the world with the latest research to help mommas stay fit and prepare for an empowering birth experience.

Dancing for Birth™ classes are designed to teach your body many of the best natural positions for birth and help you feel comfortable using them. The class also covers childbirth education topics such as fetal positioning, stages of labor, pain management and more.

POSTPARTUM: Wear your baby to class and join other mommas in moving, toning and strengthening your postpartum body. Ask questions about what baby is doing and why and learn how to thrive in the transition to parenthood.

Each Dancing for Birth™ class includes:

  • Belly dance and other traditional dance forms
  • Prenatal yoga and stretching
  • Relaxation, breathing and pain management techniques
  • Birth ritual exploration
  • Childbirth education
  • Community with other mommas

No experience necessary!

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“As a 1st time mom who hasn’t ever spent time with babies, I’ve really appreciated being in a supportive environment with a knowledgeable leader and other moms-to-be where we can talk with and learn from one another. I’ve learned a lot about the birth process, practiced movements and techniques to assist with birth, and been given the space to reflect on my intuition and innate strength which has helped me feel more empowered for this new experience.” ~ Anna Porter, DFB student

“Dancing for Birth with Lisa Marie is fantastic!  It is fun and empowering and really causes an awareness and engagement of the hips, pelvis, back and abdomen – so important for pre and post birth.  I highly recommend taking this class with Lisa Marie!”  ~Dana Hisey, DFB Student


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Dancing for Birth™ originated in the USA by founder Stephanie Larson – a birth doula, childbirth educator, dancer, perinatal fitness expert and mother of four.