Maiden Rites of Passage Ceremony

When your little girl starts releasing lifeblood, she and you both move into a new and beautiful chapter of life. The Maiden Rites of Passage Ceremony will honor this new experience for mother and daughter. It serves to esteem the monthly flow of life and instill a sense of beauty and power within the young maiden.

girl flowers anna alvarado

Alma Corazon y Vida by Anna Alvarado

My role as a guide in this ceremony allows mother and daughter to be nourished and ushered into and through this pivotal moment in life. The ceremony consists of a circle of the most trusted and honored women in the maiden’s life. Within this safe and sacred space we use the symbolism of color, food, dance and storytelling to acknowledge this transition in life and prepare mother and maiden for a new relationship with one another.

When do we celebrate the Maiden Rites of Passage? The Maiden Rites of Passage Ceremony should be held between the first bleed and the second bleed. However, ceremonies can be held anytime after the first bleed.

Who should we invite? Who do you most trust? Part of the ceremony is giving your daughter a circle of women she can rely on throughout this and other transitions in her life. The ceremony forms a unique bond between all women present. Invite women who you want your daughter to be able to talk to, even when she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking with you.

How do we prepare? Once you have committed to the ceremony, I will send you a list of ways to emotionally and physically prepare for the event.

Where is the ceremony held? The Maiden Rites of Passage Ceremony can be held in the venue of your choice (home living room, outdoor space, church etc.) or held at my Milagro Birth Studio. 

What is the fee for the ceremony? 

The investment is $120. This includes a guided 2-hour ceremony, preparation tools and gifts for mother and maiden.

*There is a $20 transportation fee for locations 15 miles outside of Trotudale.

*Use of the Milagro Birth Studio is $50. The studio welcomes up to 10 guests and includes preparation, dishes and clean-up.

Contact me at for more information.

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