Postpartum Care Package

Postpartum herbal bath, massage and closing of the bones.herbal bath

Like the many traditions around the world which honor women prior to, during and after birth, this postpartum care package supports the mother in her physical, emotional and spiritual healing as she enters a new stage of motherhood. Whether this is a first baby or a fourth, every childbearing experience beings new joys and challenges to the motherhood experience.

This postpartum treatment is designed to honor the mother, renew her strength, warm her soul and revitalize her spirit. It includes the following elements:

Herbal bath: Done in the form of a soak or a shower rinse, warming and healing herbs and spices are used to cleanse the mother, increase healing circulation and revitalize her muscles.

Massage: Once the mother is dried from her bath, warm and aromatic oils are massaged onto her body to calm and relax her so that she may experience full rest and replenishment.

Closing of the bones: Scarves are used to pull mother back towards herself after having opened her mind and body for the birth of her baby. She feels, cocooned, secure and nurtured in the same way a baby feels in her mother’s arms.

closing of the bones


While services are preferably performed within 40 days of a child’s birth, women can take advantage of this nourishing treatment at anytime. It is done in the family home or at the Milagro Birth Studio. The postpartum treatment takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Investment: $160